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Berry Tales

“Everything began with the glowing, growing bubble that I saw so often at the glassblowing studio next door to my studio. As an early Christmas present, I had the chance to try glass design. Once there, my mind wandered from the glowing bubble to nature’s effervescent fractals. A foamy river, frog eggs and berries. The process guided the shape. A simple bubble with rounds of cut-on glass led to a ripe berry, a bubble berry. Years later, I received the Ulrica Hydman Vallien Foundation’s scholarship, which gave me the chance to experiment with glass at Kosta Glassworks. Back in the wonderful world of glass, and in those bubbling, billowing shapes, a new idea of berries was born – Berry Tales.”

– Ellen Ehk Åkesson.

Berry Tales for Kosta Boda Artist Collection is mouth-blown at Kosta Glassworks - the berry’s shiny finish is the result of being heated with a blowtorch. Berry Tales is available in five colorways; emerald, ruby, amber, black and white frosted. The collection was launched in 2021.