Hanna Hansdotter’s vibrant Rocky Baroque series, here.

Kappa mini vases, here.

Kosta Boda Art Glass Monthly Story in July, Azur Moon.

Kosta Boda Logo

“Brains originates in an artistic theme that I began working with in the eighties, inspired by a girl named Karolina Olsson who slept – or, according to speculation, who intentionally opted out of life for 32 years. I have spent my entire career working as an artist and designer. I enjoy developing objects suitable for production at the glassworks. So I scaled things back and created these heads, which I view as meditative anti-stress objects, for both the hand and the eye. I made a collection of expressions and names like Albert Einstein, Caesar, Pablo Picasso, the gods Thor and Oden, and more. I know a man who always carried Caesar with him on hikes. Now I’ve made a collection of twelve new ‘individuals’ for Kosta Boda Artist Collection; they are unnamed, but through short poetic sentences, they comment on life’s events. Personally, I find them to be lovely company…”

– Bertil Vallien

The collection launched in 1999.