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Kosta Boda Art Glass Monthly Story in July, Azur Moon.

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Bod is a playful tribute to the possibilities of glass craftsmanship. Two individually familiar forms, fused into a single object with a new, wholly unique expression. These asymmetrical, stemmed bottles are also a nod to Kosta Boda's long-standing production of wine glasses. 


Bod’s inspiring design triggers creativity in terms of both content and placement. Its confident shape makes it a natural fit in your home irrespective of room and does an impressive job presenting flowers as well as other decorative elements from the woods, beach or nature including beverages and fluids such as oils and vinegars.

The series consists of decorative bottles in different colors and sizes. It's created through a collaboration, a balancing act between the different working methods of two designers (who are also brothers). The result stands firm, right on the border between sculpture and utility object.