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Like a tall wineglass, Bod balances confidently while its glass captures the play of light. With the sheer and tall shape, the bottles are a piece of art that stands grounded in every home. Unleash your creativity and let your ideas spill into reality. Are the bottles a decorative home for flowers? Or do you let the bubble be filled with air, like a soap bubble frozen in time? No matter what you choose, Bod stands firmly with its feet on the ground.

Bod is about glass. The collection plays with the language of glass; there’s no other material that behaves this way, and Bod is born out of working with and following the material. It’s also a tribute to Kosta's history and rich production of stemmed wine glasses, which in itself is a demonstration of glass craftsmanship. The collection is created through a collaboration; a balancing act between two designers’ different ways of working. The result stands grounded, part sculpture and part utility object.

Bod from Kosta Boda consists of decorative bottles in different colors and sizes.