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Rocky Baroque

A rebellious take with ancient roots, the Rocky Baroque series from Kosta Boda is a playful remix of the classical column. Monumental contours meet raw, jagged surfaces in this series of candlesticks and vases. Pop colors mix with unyielding shapes, and the collection resides in the borderlands between sculpture and utility object, a recurring theme in Hanna Hansdotter's design. Humor and irony are other tools used to interpret and challenge authoritarian principles. The result is its own genre – Rocky Baroque.

Hanna Hansdotter describes herself as being drawn to the crossroads between the harsh and the decorative. When that spirit is captured as perfectly as with Rocky Baroque, who are we to argue?


When you make a mold, you often work to hide the parting lines from the mold. With Rocky Baroque, I have instead opted to reinforce these lines since I like to question existing production norms and techniques.

Hanna Hansdotter