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Feeling friendly, but rebellious? That’s so radical. Just like life when Kosta Boda’s Picnic was first launched in 1967. Picnic was launched during a time when people felt contempt towards the bourgeois demand for large sets of tableware. Why have a bunch of different pieces when you can drink straight from the bottle or from simple glasses? And that’s when Picnic came to be, in its mouth blown yet simple glory. Back to basics!

With Picnic, there are no limits and it’s the inside that counts. The stout stem of the glasses holds liquid all the way to the bottom, which allows the color of the drink to set the tone of the day. Make life colorful! How about some green juice on a Saturday or sparkling rosé on a Tuesday? You know, life’s a party - do it your way.

Picnic from Kosta Boda consists of glasses in two different sizes, and a carafe with a cork lid.