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Limelight is a classic collection in several colors that’s been highlighting everyday festivities since the 80s. The vases in the collection are created with a broad rim that not just supports, but enhances, any bouquet they carry - everything from slender roses to wild tulips stand firmly planted in everyday life with Limelight by their side. There won’t be any wallflowers here - you see, isn’t limelight best when shared with friends after all?

The glasses, plates and the other parts of the collection invite you to create nice table settings every day of the week, and make life swimmingly easy because everything is machine washable. The collection is characterized by the steady, decorated base of the glass reflecting light.


"The tulip vase holds a generous bunch of crispy tulips, while the tall vase holds the bouquet of roses together. The wide collar of the vases frames, supports and highlights the flowers."

Göran Wärff