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Kosta Boda Logo

Matti Klenell and Simon Klenell

A playful tribute to the possibilities of glass craftsmanship.

Åsa Jungnelius

Glass like a moment frozen in time.

Rocky Baroque

Design by Hanna Hansdotter.

A rebellious take with ancient roots, the Rocky Baroque series is a playful remix of the classical column.


Rediscover iconic Château.


Like a meadow at the heart of every home.

All about you

New motifs from Sara Woodrow.

Who do you love? Who do you miss? Who do you want? All About You from Kosta Boda.


The collection made from circular glass.


Also with circular glass.

Kappa mouth-blown in Kosta and designed by Mimmi Blomqvist.


New colorways launched.


Viva encourages people to be awesome together.

Viva from Kosta Boda consists of glasses in three different sizes and a carafe with a small glass that works both to drink from, as well as a lid to the carafe.