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Embrace the festive season with gifts that inspire

Start the Holiday season by browsing the Kosta Boda gift guide including brand new interior design objects and iconic tableware series.

The Rock

The Rock – a new statement in votives by Hanna Hansdotter.


Discover the new colorways in Crackle by Åsa Jungnelius.


An architectural series of vases by Front.


This iconic glass votive has illuminated its surroundings since 1973.

Rocky Baroque

Design by Hanna Hansdotter.

Still Life

An out-of-the-ordinary votive by Ludvig Löfgren.

Tears of Joy

Some things just catch your attention, Tears of Joy by Åsa Jungnelius.

Gabba Gabba Hey

Ludvig Löfgren’s Gabba Gabba Hey invites each viewer to make their own interpretation.

Matti Klenell and Simon Klenell

A playful tribute to the possibilities of glass craftsmanship.


Viva by Matti Klenell unites old traditions and contemporary lifestyle.

Viva from Kosta Boda consists of glasses in three different sizes and a carafe with a small glass that works both to drink from, as well as a lid to the carafe.