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The Elvis Presley x Kosta Boda

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23 / 03 / 27

Art is a fickle thing. Infinitely varied in form and expression, possible to interpret in as many ways. It's greater than any one artist, yet it can peak directly to every single one of us. There is no absolute definition, but it could be said that art holds the ability to move our senses. Makes us feel, think, be inspired.

Through the Elvis Presley x Kosta Boda partnership, we combine two separate art forms to create a greater whole. Drawing on the uniting touchpoints of rock 'n' roll and glass – harmony, vibrancy, motion, emotion – this collaboration is a tribute to those shared qualities, that common ground of artistry.

The result is a series of three crystal guitars, created by glass artist Kjell Engman in collaboration with Elvis Presley Enterprises. The three guitars have separate distinct looks, colorations, and background stories – besides taking inspiration from different facets of Elvis’ lore.

The Elvis Presley x Kosta Boda

The King of Rock 'n' Roll, of course, lives on through his music. Ubiquitously accessible, from vintage vinyl to a mere 
tap on your phone. But to many of us, Elvis is so much more than sound waves and yellowing black-and-white photographs.

With the Elvis Presley x Kosta Boda collection of crystal guitars, we want to honor the Elvis legacy with a tangible object. An art piece displaying your appreciation for him and his music – while also adding a beautiful collectible, a natural centerpiece to your home.

To explore this intersection of rock 'n' roll and glass art, there is arguably no one better suited for the mission than Kjell Engman. A passion-driven virtuoso of both the glass-blowing studio and the musical stage, he has time and again found novel ways to combine the best of these two worlds in his art.

Each guitar is a unique piece of art, handmade specifically for this collaboration. These rare collectibles are made as an exclusive limited edition of 300 in each of the three colorways and are available in select distribution worldwide.

The Elvis Legacy

The Elvis Presley x Kosta Boda celebrates and commemorates the unequalled artistry that Elvis gave to the world.

The guitar was a natural choice, seeing that it is a self-evident symbol for so much of what The King of Rock 'n' Roll represented. The instrument that more than any other made Elvis' music, even Elvis himself, come alive. Taking inspiration from events and art spanning from the late fifties to the early seventies, the Elvis Presley x Kosta Boda crystal guitars aim to capture the mood and zeitgeist of those moments in time.

Together – from the choice of guitar models to the intense coloration – they form a tribute to the variation, vibrancy and longevity of Elvis' career.