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Sara Woodrow

Sara Woodrow, born in Alingsås 1983, is a designer, artist and illustrator. She’s a contemporary designer who dares to go her own way, and she enjoys working with different techniques. To her, it’s always been important that her art conveys an emotion or a story.

Sara has, amongst other things, made illustrations for one of the world’s leading fashion houses in haute couture, Dior, where she illustrated portraits of about 30 guests during the Dior Cruise 2020 fashion show in Marrakech. For Kosta Boda she has illustrated motifs for several different glasses - such as wine glasses and champagne glasses - and a couple of carafes in the collection All About You. Her work is characterized by a strong sense of trends and presence in time, so it’s not strange that she’s become a familiar name amongst young design lovers.

“I find inspiration in everything that’s beautiful around me. It can really differ from day to day. But the most important to me is my belief, my hope and my love. These are the fundamental sources of inspiration in everything I do.” – Sara Woodrow


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