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Nature, light and ice can be really fascinating. It was out of the love for these elements Polar was born. The collection consists of several glass sculptures reminiscent of rippling water during a moment frozen in time. Doubling as candle holders, the depths of the clear glass becomes a carrier of light, which allows the sculpture and the play of light to create a work of art that feels alive. Polar from Kosta Boda invites to combine several pieces of different sizes to create a playful group, as well as keeping a single piece as an exclusive design object in an art-loving home. Or as a unique gift, from Sweden to the Sydney Opera house for example (true story).

Polar from Kosta Boda consists of candle holders in several different sizes and colors. The collection was first launched in 1974.


“Glass is a liquid. As living as rippling water. In Polar, I have frozen the movement of time and captured the meeting between ice and light in an almost optical phenomenon. Polar is an uncompromising object, full of life and movement. ”

Göran Wärff