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Erik Höglund

Erik Höglund (b. 1932; d. 1998) is a unique and legendary figure in Swedish glass design and art. Höglund’s restless productivity, his determination to take on challenges, to question existing conventions and attitudes has cemented his reputation as an international pioneer in glass artistry and design. Educated at Sweden’s National School of Arts, Craft and Design between 1948 and 1953, Höglund started off his career as a sculptor, painter, illustrator, and graphic artist. Boda – now Kosta Boda – practically became synonymous with the name Erik Höglund and for the Swedish public the name Höglund became almost synonymous with modern Swedish glass.  A multi-talented innovator with a productivity level bar none, Höglund’s rustic forms and techniques challenged accepted norms – rebelling against ‘good taste’ – resulting in contemporary product designs inspired by traditional craft such as Fars Glas.