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Welcome on our journey with circular glass.

Unique, lots of character and sustainable.

Circular glass is the key to our future.

Our circular glass items are produced using waste glass from our own production in Kosta, Sweden. The available glass waste is dependent on seasonal production in our hot shops. Our glassblowers sort the glass by color tone before being recycled into production of new design and tableware objects.

As a result of the color sorting and the overall production process, each new product ends up with a unique color DNA. This color DNA will likely differ from other products in the same series and collection. Each glass has its very own colour.

Unique and with lots of character. Just the way we like it.


"All companies need a clear agenda in terms of sustainability. When, as in the case of our circular glass, a variation is added to the outcome in terms of the color of the individual products, responsibility for the environment is combined with a boldness and playfulness that is completely in line with the brand's DNA. "

David Carlson, Creative director.


"Three centuries of bold and creative glassmaking from the forests of Southern Sweden.

With a focus on modern lifestyle products and inspiring art, we create glass that makes a difference. Since 1742."

Kosta Boda