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Meet Sara Woodrow

Interview, Kosta Boda Stories

23 / 03 / 04

On fashion, love, artistry and capturing the joy of life.



When we enter Sara Woodrow’s studio, we are met with a treat for the eyes: walls and shelves full of paintings, sketches, brushes and illustrations. As a designer and artist Sara dares to go her own way and she enjoys working with different techniques. Her curiosity and passion have brought her work to places around the world. Like Marrakech, where she made illustrations for one of the world’s leading fashion houses in haute couture, Dior, during the Dior Cruise 2020 fashion show.

At Kosta Boda, Sara is known as the designer behind the much loved series All About You. A colllection of more than 20 glasses and carafes, that reflects the feelings and special moments we have with our loved ones. The original designs were inspired by a love story that crossed a long distance: two people longing for each other. Miss you, Want you and Love you were the names of the first designs. The illustrations reveal Sara’s love for fashion. Not a fast kind of fashion, but a fashion consciousness that is composed, calm and harmonic. There is a graciousness present, and a peacefulness.

Over the years, All About You has developed into a rich journey through love: from the long distance connection to a life together. As a married woman and mother of four children, no longer the missing and longing are central, but the joy of being together, the appreciation for each other and the daily moments of fun and beauty.


“I find inspiration in everything that’s beautiful around me. It can really differ from day to day. I am very inspired by music and the beauty of my surroundings. One day it may be a sad song and another a mossy rock in a forest. In a dynamic world, I wish to create a sense of harmony, love and calm through my illustrations.”

Sara Woodrow

This spring six new designs are launched in All About You. Each illustration tells a story in compelling lines and colours, faces, hands and flowers. Sara’s work is characterized by a strong sense of trends and presence in time, so it’s not surprising that she has become a familiar name amongst young design lovers. And we are delighted with each new design that finds its way onto the glass.