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“Its time is now!”

–Åsa Jungnelius

Snippan, by Åsa Jungnelius, has become a contemporary feminist symbol since it was first created in 2003. The sculpture is part of Nationalmuseum’s collection (Sweden’s museum of art and design).  On International Women’s Day 2024, the sculpture was launched for the first time as a smaller gift – a sculpture, a bowl, a carrier. Snippan is cast and hand-painted with liquid platinum at Kosta Glassworks.

“I’m so glad that Snippan is now available as a smaller gift – it is a sculpture, a bowl, a carrier,” says Åsa Jungnelius. “Its time is now! This piece is about a femininity that isn’t sweet or nice, or subdued in any way. It is also about my deep love of glass, craftsmanship, glassblowing, history, tradition, and the glassworks.”

Åsa Jungnelius is among the leading pioneers of the contemporary movement of feminist and craft focused Swedish artists who emerged in the 2000s. Her breakthrough arrived in 2004 with her degree project for the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, entitled I like hair style! The installation was a shopping environment in which several glass objects that later became iconic were presented, such as Jungnelius’ oversized lipstick, and Snippan, or “Vagina”, the glass sculpture that contributed to coining the Swedish term. Ever since, Åsa Jungnelius has continued to develop her artistic style, characterized by a femininity that is simultaneously sweet, soft, and aggressive, if not brutal. In her glass art, Jungnelius – herself a skilled glassblower – explores what she calls “the power of cavity capacity .” Snippan and Mother of Pearl are two contemporary classic feminist symbols that are part of Kosta Boda Artist Collection.