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Lena Bergström started her career as a textile designer, an influence very present in her glass art today. Bergström’s strong interest in fashion, architecture and contemporary creative expressions remain important sources of inspiration as is her love for tradition, craft, and the cherished nature of her childhood in northern Sweden. “Nature has always been important to me”, says Bergström. “The skies are very present in the north – gray, white, light blue with long graphic shadows. But tree trunks in the forest could also be buildings in an urban landscape, just as tracks in the snow could be structures in a silk fabric. Nature and urbanity, the organic and the sharp – these opposite poles always charge my creativity.”

Mino takes its cues from Anemone, the most recent in Lena Bergsröm’s celebrated and beloved series of impressive glass was first shown as part of the retrospective and celebrative Lena 25+ exhibition at Kosta Boda Art Gallery in 2021, and later at Galleri Glas in Stockholm 2022. Mino is part of Kosta Boda Artist Collection.