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This object originates in a 2003 exhibition by artist Björn Kjelltoft, who was a student at the University of Arts, Crafts & Design (Konstfack) at the time. Kjelltoft presented a collection of ordinary PET bottles painted with copies of Ulrica’s popular and beloved decoration. “I actually wasn’t angry at all,” said Ulrica Hydman Vallien in a newspaper interview. “The idea is brilliant; there was a sense of questioning behind it all. He may be the next Dan Wolgers.” Instead of complaining of plagiarism, Ulrica launched her own collection of mouth-blown “PET bottles” with their own hand-painted designs – an artistic interpretation of an artistic interpretation. The circle was closed. Ulrica and Björn Kjelltoft became good friends. This collection is part of Kosta Boda Artist Collection.