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Somewhat more than a friend

Companion, four messengers by Bertil Vallien.

Throughout time, people have surrounded themselves with objects claimed to possess more power than "ordinary" things. A rare stone, an ornamental bone, a beautiful icon. Objects that are not only a feast for the eyes, but also form a kind of bond with their owners.

With a collection he has named Companion, Bertil evokes a similar dynamic. Friends, colleagues. The faces in shifting color with different messages. Yes. Hope. Love. And the latest one, with a very special relevance: PEACE.

The small messengers can be hung on the wall wherever their presence is most needed. Somewhat more than a friendship, in time even a love. Companion.

The Companion objects are made from circular glass at our glassworks in Kosta, Sweden. As the source glass varies in shade, so do the tones of the finished objects. As a result, each Companion gets a unique color DNA with every casting.