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Somewhat more than a friend


Companion, three messengers by Bertil Vallien.

Throughout time, people have surrounded themselves with objects claimed to possess more power than "ordinary" things. A rare stone, an ornamental bone, a beautiful icon. Objects that are not only a feast for the eyes, but also form a kind of bond with their owners. 

With a collection he has named Companion, Bertil evokes a similar dynamic. Friends, colleagues. The faces in shifting color sand with three different addresses. Yes. Hope. Love. The small messengers can be hung on the wall wherever their presence is most needed. Somewhat more than a friendship, in time even a love. Companion. 

The Companion sculptures are made from circular glass in our glassworks in Kosta, Sweden. As the source glass varies in shade, so do the tones of the finished objects. As a result, Companion gets a unique colorDNA with every casting.