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The ocean, water, and glass – all form important and fond childhood memories for Erika Lagerbielke. Lagerbielke’s memories of swimming and diving, personal reflection, movement, light plays, and optical phenomena, have been integral to her glass art throughout a long stellar career. Among glass lovers in Sweden and internationally, Erika Lagerbielke is recognized and respected for her sensitive elegant expression as well as having an eye for color. “I enjoy using multiple tones of color in my glass art, frequently combining warm and cold notes”, Erika Lagerbielke says.

“Iris is a collection of miniature vases, covering the full color spectrum of the rainbow, stemming from unique works included in my ‘Blue Planet’ exhibition at Galleri Glas in Stockholm and at Kosta Boda Art Gallery in 2022”, Erika Lagerbielke recounts. “The pieces are small enough to hold in your hand or to arrange in groups. I have combined frosted and transparent surfaces that interact beautifully. The name Iris is the name of the rainbow goddess in Greek mythology.” The collection is part of Kosta Boda Artist Collection.