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Bertil Vallien - Artist

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Bertil Vallien is an artist who needs no further introduction for anyone who loves the beauty and mystery of glass. During his 60-year career, Vallien has become renowned among glass lovers, primarily for his sand-cast sculptures, and especially his world-famous glass ships. Bertil Vallien has held acclaimed exhibitions all over the world. His work is represented in collections and at prestigious museums in Sweden and internationally. For Kosta Boda, Vallien is of priceless importance – primarily for his own glass art, but also as a source of inspiration for other artists and designers. In 2023, Bertil Vallien and Kosta Boda celebrate 60 years of partnership.

60 years celebration

Exhibition STARMAN at NK Stockholm.


Bertil Vallien’s 60th anniversary with Kosta Boda is celebrated with the exhibition STARMAN, open at NK in Stockholm from September 11 to 18, and in New York City and Kosta Art Gallery during the fall.

The exhibition’s title describes the energy and light in Vallien’s work, and his status as glass art pioneer. STARMAN also pays homage to David Bowie, one of the musicians who inspired Vallien’s storytelling.

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