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My first friend

Ulrica Hydman-Vallien

We've seen her snakes adorn countless vases and platters and bowls over the years. Here we set them free, in all their elegance and paradisiacal playfulness. A rare, beautiful object that, in Ulrica's spirit, wants to remind us of our connection with the animals and nature around us.

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Ulrica Hydman-Vallien


UHV Hyllningskollektion








Crystal glass

Care Instructions

Wipe with cloth

Product Information

She was five or six years old. On one of her solo walks in the woods, she found herself in a pit among newly hatched snakes. Fearless and curious, she sat down – Ulrica once told us this herself – and her mother finally found her lost little girl. The snakes were Ulrica’s first friends. In her artistry, she continued to spend time with snakes throughout her life. They are drawn, painted, shaped in clay, or as seen here: meandering and shiny in clear glass that is painted gold. Her snakes have adorned countless vases, plates and bowls over the years. She releases them into the wild, in all of their elegance and heavenly playfulness. In Ulrica’s spirit, this rare and beautiful object aims to remind us of our solidarity with animals and nature.

My first friend, 2023, is produced in a limited edition of 300.