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Brains Go for it 75mm, BV AC-21

Bertil Vallien

“Tvekade du? Var det något som höll dig tillbaka? Släpp det. Jag vet att du kan!”

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Bertil Vallien










Crystal glass

Product Information

Bertil Vallien has created a collection of twelve Brains, with individual expressions, which is being launched in autumn 2021. The pieces are punty pressed in a mold at Kosta Glassworks. Many of the objects are then painted, some with leaves of gold or silver. All Brains come in a velvet bag and in a gift box.

Bertil Vallien created Brains in the 80s as “an anti-stress object for the hand and the eye. To place at the desk, have it next to the bed and to bring along when traveling.” In the past, each head used to have a name inspired by great thinkers or artists. Instead, this edition is launched as “seeds of thoughts” or messengers.

“I sometimes think of the brain as a seed. When a thought is blossoming in the darkness behind the protective skull. It is almost like the brain is blooming. Thoughts can survive for thousands of years, just like seeds, and I want to believe the good always conquers the bad. These mini sculptures with a message fit in your hand and have been named Brains. I have tried to enclose some ”seeds of thoughts” in the pieces, that have passed through my own brain… can you relate? Just give them a moment to mature”

– Bertil Vallien