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Out of Sight

Limited edition by Markus Åkesson.

Markus Åkesson has become internationally known mainly for his evocative, technically sophisticated realistic paintings. Ever since his time as a glass engraver, Markus Åkesson has experienced what he calls a powerful pull to glass. Together with the glassblowers and cold workers in the studio at Kosta Glassworks, Åkesson has started what he believes will be a long-term exploration of glass.

With Out of Sight, Markus Åkesson returns to the theme of the hidden figure. Interest in the hidden has been a recurring theme in Åkesson's art in recent years - in his paintings as well as in his sculptural works. Out of Sight is made in Kosta, and the sculpture is blown using underlay technique. The glassblower's pipe is first rolled in colored glass powder, which makes each pattern unique. Out of Sight is limited in an edition of 100 ex per colorway.  Each piece is inspected, signed and numbered (1-100) by Markus.

“Out Of Sight is an attempt to translate my paintings into form. The crushed glass heats up, twists along the volume and forms a pattern.”

–Markus Åkesson